Zoetrope Papercraft

This design was created for a series of workshops our studio was commissioned to produce for CCTV. Using the materials provided, participants could make a working zoetrope and create their own simple animation to play. The activity was part of an introduction to animation, from which a group of kids would work with an international team of professional animators to create short movies. 

I had built zoetropes before, but creating a reliable one in card was a significant challenge. Although it is relatively small, it works surprisingly well with simple animations. The resulting model spins on top of a pencil. 

We subsequently used the model at various other workshops including Beijing Design Week in 2014 (curated by our studio as a giant interactive event), kindly sponsored by Onedotzero.

The idea is that participants can not only build their own zoetrope, but also create their own simple animations using the templates we provided (with markings for each animation frame).

Some of the prototypes (more than 30 in total) that led to the final model.
Some of the strips we provided to demonstrate the principle