Dyspla — Words Not Walls Festival

I created this folding brain anatomy model (based on a tetraflexagon) for the DYSPLA festival in Enfield 18th — 19th September, 2021. 

This was a collaboration between Dyspla and Thinking with Card to produce a simple making activity linked to STEM teaching that was suitable for an informal outdoor location. You can download the activity here:

About the festival: WORDS NOT WALLS is designed to reframe who has the privilege to make and experience art. Staying at home during the lockdown and partaking in the challenges of home-schooling highlighted the alarming fact that children experience very little creative education in their formative years. Since creative subjects have been stripped from the syllabus, the educational focus since 2010 has been on reading, writing, and arithmetic. This is a challenge for the majority of Neurodivergent children and teenagers who predominantly thrive with creative subjects like art, drama, music, etc.

Video: Dyspla
Thanks to:
Jim Rokos and Jessica Okoro at Dyversity Lab for their help running the workshop.
Lennie Varvarides, Kazimir Bielecki at Dyspla.