Climate Change Festival

Held between 31st May — 8th June, 2008, this festival celebrated existing sustainable projects in Birmingham and promoted new strategies for tackling climate change. It was organised by CABE (Commission for Architecture and the Build Environment) and Birmingham City Council. I was asked to put on a Claystation event, encouraging visitors to propose a new and sustainable vision for a part of town undergoing regeneration. Before modelling their idea on a giant map, each participant had to complete a ‘Building Consent Form’ where they outlined the purpose of their design. These provided a useful form of feedback from this co-creation exhibition. 

Thanks to all the team who helped make the event a success:
Tom Ballhatchet, Graham Powell, Maggs Rees, Charlie Huang, Ghazale Foroutan Jazi, Renu Patankar, Peter Nielsen, Josef Pointner, Elyn Yu, Nikhil Korde, Kay Chou, Andree Lee, Helen Chan