Claystation #1 at Designersblock London 2003

This was the first ever Claystation event. It was held at Designersblock at the Tea Building (prior to renovation) in September 2003. 

The event was hatched between Cris Degroot and myself with Piers and Rory from designersblock on the roof of their pub/studio in Cremer St.
Designersblock was always the most exciting and progressive event at the London Design Festival and the organisers were always supportive of different, unusual, potentially risky ideas. The notion was rather than simply present design as a fait-accompli in a white box setting to instead encourage visitors to engage in some kind of creative activity. Each visitor could spend a few minutes, or a few hours contributing something to a larger, cooperative endeavour — in this case a stop-motion animation. It was as chaotic as it looks. But also as fun. The animation was filmed over 5 days of the Design Festival. 

Some complimentary press commentary below.
Also a nice piece by Andy Polaine for Desktop magazine (Australia)