Transition Boards — Graphic Resources

In the book “Autism Resources for Autistic Children” I explore some alternative designs of transition boards. These experiment with magnetic and mechanical fastenings rather than the (more common) velcro. 

One of the difficulties I found was sourcing high quality copyright-free graphic resources for these boards. It seems that almost every corner of the internet is set up to try and extract money for any illustration. On this page, I will list some useful places to look as well as post resources the we have created ourselves. 

As with everything in the booklet, these are free to use, share and adapt under a Creative Commons licence. 

Additional Sources for Graphic Resources

In the booklet I also mention the difficulty with finding appropriate royalty free images for transition/choice boards and other resources for teaching tools for autism. 

Tom Orr’s site Accessibility by Design has some useful graphics, including the ability to download the Bonnington Symbol System.

Nikki Robertson’s site Teaching Autism has a paid membership, but there are some free downloads available. 

Image Banks

Anyone who has used image banks for any length of time will know how frustrating they can be. Sites that appear to offer royalty-free images spring up now and then but then seem to get incorporated or taken over by the behemoths like Shutterstock or Getty Images that swamp every google image search. is a good place for simple graphic icons in vector and bitmap form. There are limited downloads for a free account. also has good free resources in amongst its paid options. These are more complete (colour) illustrations compared to the Noun project. is a site of line illustrations of people and objects founded by architect Bryan Maddock. It is primarily intended for architects and interior designers, but many of the illustrations could be useful for the creation of teaching resources. has some great illustrations in vector and bitmap form. has some good resources if you are brave enough to navigate the site with its endless pop-ups and diversions to paid alternatives. has some good illustrations. Again you need to ignore all the popups. Illustrations are transparent background png, rather than vector.